Rss News fead Reader

What is the meaning of
A is understand to mean an online ad for RSS-Feeds. If you search for a news source on this page, the browser will immediately display all the new messages.

More and more operators of a Web page provide their information in a separate format. Often this is a RSS file. The Feed-Reader reads this file out and provide it readable. This file will be continuous regenerated, so that you always get the updated news.

Search for news
This is not possible with the Feed-Reader, because it only makes the news readable.

RSS, what is it?
An RSS can be understood as an XML-based file for the exchange of any kind. Informations in the news are structured and applied for the simple benefit of the reader. Thereby that the messages are structured, the exchange is facillicate and the messages are automatically common. If RSS data are provided, they are often called a RSS-Feed.

The development of RSS
Long time before the development of RSS, exists other formats for the distribution and exchange of data. However, these were never been as well known as it is now RSS. In 1999 the first version of RSS was created. In the course of a year the releases have been simplified and improved. Today the RSS has established itself in spite of different versions and different standards, and the still existing incompatibility as the standard for automated message exchange.

Provides an RSS file, only text?

An RSS file always contains only text. But it is possible to give references to other files in this text. Then it is possible to view these, without that the are data directly of the origin RSS-File.

How can RSS-Files be made visible?
Only by using a special software program, it is possible to read RSS feeds on the computer. You can also read this web-based directly in the browser. The software program must be installed on a PC first. With you have got the advantage, that you´ve nothing to install separately and the file can be read also on other computers without problems.

Which websites are using RSS-Feed?
A very large number of well-known sites offering the possibility to use auto-generated RSS-Feed today. Every day there are more web-sites. At the beginning they were only news sites, which offered this service, but today there are many other web-site owners. For example you can find the RSS-Service today in blogs, forums and other puplic areas.

How can you see that a website offers RSS?
Typically refer a link to the feed. If the feed is already integrated into a link, the user can often identify a feed icon. At the beginning you could use this feed icon only with the Firefox browser, but now it also works with current versions of Internet Explorer and the Opera browser.

Is there a web-page overview with RSS?
In RSS directories you can get thematically structured overviews about the current RSS-Feeds.


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